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Hey guys, I LOVE Quick Subtasks for JIRA and used it pretty much every day for a year and my previous company, KIXEYE. Currently I'm at Lumosity as their first Project Manager, and one of my first orders of business was to get this set up to make everyone's lives easier. Unfortunately, I found out that Lumosity uses JIRA Cloud and that Quick Subtasks is not supported. It would be AMAZING if it was possible to use this plug-in with JIRA Cloud and work exactly like it does with Sever.

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  1. Jason LaFollette

    I'll second this request. My organization is also using JIRA Cloud and would love to have access to Quick Subtasks. Thanks for providing such a great add on!

  2. Jack Reis

    I will third this request!! Would love to have sub-tasks set up as a template. We also use Cloud and can pay for plugins if needed - this great feature would be worth the cash!

  3. Neil Padgen

    Please make this available for JIRA Cloud. It saved a ton of time at my previous employer where we used JIRA Server, and I really miss it in my JIRA Cloud instance here.

  4. JeanB

    I'l fifth and sixth the request since I'm doing double CTO work at two companies. And many more have been asking for this but haven't had the link to add to this thread...

  5. Ert Dredge

    Absolutely -- just moved from a company who had this in their server instance to a company using cloud JIRA, this is the big thing I'm going to miss.

  6. Ryan Mosley

    Hi @hascode .... Just checking back in. Any chance this has made it onto your radar/roadmap? I used your app at VSP and it was great. But now I moved to a small start up that uses the cloud instance. Hoping it might be coming soon?

  7. Niels van Aken

    I'm sorry for spamming, I'd normally just vote, but I'd like to emphasise that this addon would be absolutely an awesome addition to our cloud based JIRA instance. Is there any chance that this will come on the roadmap anytime soon?

  8. Micha Kops repo owner

    At this moment I doubt it. Porting it to be a cloud plugin would force a complete rewrite of the application and I possibly needed to provide a server.

  9. Tracy Benton

    We desperately need a feature like Quick Subtasks in our JIRA implementation, but we're on the cloud. Just adding another wishful voice for a port...

  10. Léon Tebbens

    We are going to move a 2000 user Jira to the Cloud. We want to PAY for this plugin if needed (e.g. $1000 per year), it saves the company a lot of time.

  11. Ert Dredge

    Hi, @hascode might you consider opening visibility into the repo so one of us could take a swing at a port? I'm about ready to try to duplicate this functionality from scratch.

  12. Kevin van Blerk

    We are currently in the process of moving from Jira OnPrem to Jira Cloud and most functionality is there and is working well for us, except this most useful feature of using the Project Subtask Templates, we use this in Sprint Planning all the time and have for many years to create the standard QA and DEV Subtasks instead of manually going through this and wasting time on every Story. This is a huge issue for us. I see this is still not resolved and available in Jira Cloud 2 years later? 🙄

  13. Former user Account Deleted

    I’m also very interested in having this available Jira Cloud. Would save us so much time in sprint planning.

  14. Mark Symons

    Now that Atlassian has announced EOL for JIRA Server, we are most likely going to chose Cloud instead of Data Center. There might be alternatives available, but support for Cloud for jira-quick-subtasks would save sooo much aggravation.

  15. Kelly Arrey

    Micha, I’ll add my voice to this request. As far as I can tell, there is no competitive offering which addresses the use case that Quick Subtasks handles. There is definitely value to this, and it could certainly be monetized.

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