Allow compatibility with "create.clone = disable" property

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Micha Kops
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We've disabled the possibility to clone tasks in certain projects using customized workflows. Namely, each workflow step has an additional property of jira.permission.create.clone = disable. In projects influenced by this setting, Quick Subtasks plugin does not work (no GUI option to create multiple subtasks, error when trying to make things work manually -> /rest/subtasks-create/1.0/facility/issue/XXX-1). The error is "Unknown type 'clone' in meta attribute 'jira.permission.create.clone'. Valid permission types are defined in permission-types.xml" This type of bug has already been described here: Although it's understandable that using parameters as above is not the most kosher way to do things, we find it to be the best way to tailor workflow to our needs. Please advise - the goal would be to keep current workflows' setting and make Quick Subtasks usable again. Is it possible to make proper changes in Quick Subtasks? JIRA Server v7.1.7, Quick Subtasks 4.3.0

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