Error loading project templates in JIRA Agile Boards

Issue #325 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

From any board, click an issue to expand the details pane. Click the ellipses in the issue detail view n the upper right. Click create multiple sub-tasks. Then the attached image shows the modal that is not usable.

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  1. Ispas Sorin

    I've just learned that the problem with templates dropdown exists on an agile board view. If I go to any story details I can see the dropdown in the dialog.

    The issue is that JIRA is calling following URL to get the list of templates (in an agile board view): http://jira.emag.local:8080/rest/subtasks/1.0/repository/project/SCMPL-6064?returnUrl=%2Fsecure%2FRapidBoard.jspa%3FrapidView%3D219%26view%3Ddetail%26selectedIssue%3DSCMPL&_=1492172375248

    and it gets empty list. There is a bug in the URL, because it should be: http://jira.emag.local:8080/rest/subtasks/1.0/repository/project/SCMPL?returnUrl=%2Fsecure%2FRapidBoard.jspa%3FrapidView%3D219%26view%3Ddetail%26selectedIssue%3DSCMPL&_=1492172375248

    and this causes the whole problem.

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