Optimize editing large project templates

Issue #423 resolved
Cedric Weber
created an issue

I want to easily edit a template without scrolling to reach the edit button and scrolling back to edit my template.

When editing many of our templates there is a huge scroll bar which makes the edit button quite inaccessible. After a click on the Edit-Icon nothing happens. When scrolling back to the left nothing is there as expected, only after scrolling to the top left I can edit the templates:

2018-06-25 09_05_17-Clipboard.png

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  1. Micha Kops repo owner

    Hi @Cedric Weber , long time no see :) I've just pushed a new release to the marketplace with some minor optimizations that won't win any usability oscar but might help you when editing large project templates.

    1) large templates now have a line-wrap

    2) when clicking on the edit button, the designated text-area will be focussed

    Please feel free to try it out and leave a comment here if it's working for you.

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