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Issue #57 resolved
Samael created an issue

Right now I have to delete them and recreate them. It would be great to simply be able to edit and save them.

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  1. Karie Kelly

    This would be very helpful for maintaining - e.g. * I made a mistake * Process changed / enhanced

    I have to create a new template to recreate with my updates. However, I need the template name to be the same so as to not have to have to change internal processes. But, while doing this, I now have two templates named the same as I work on the new one (assuming you can have duplicate names). This can cause confusion to the end user if they see two of the same - which ones do they use. I cannot use another name or keep it inactive since at a later time I cannot edit to change the name.

    Since changes only apply when it is used going forward, this seems like it would be an easier feature because you're not trying to update already assigned subtasks based on the template.

    This would be very helpful to have!

  2. Micha Kops repo owner

    @ebaptist , @karie_kelly Thanks for your feedback! I completly agree with you and I'm positive to add this feature in for release 3.1 (I hope to release 3.0 today).

  3. Mark Symons

    This is a feature that my users have asked for... having to delete and then re-create from scratch definitely works - but is rather clunky.

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