Displays same data on different user profiles

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Testet with Confluence 5.3.1 and refinedwiki

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  1. Micha Kops repo owner


    I'm unable to reproduce the problem - have tried it with a Confluence 5.3.1 instance but without RefinedWiki - maybe an issue with a RefinedWiki Theme or a caching problem?

  2. Daniel Samuels

    I am getting a similar problem with Zen Foundation 5.2.12. The actual QR code works perfectly, but next to each QR code it lists my profile data. So any different profile I go to lists my profile info next to the QR code.

  3. greinick

    Hi, we run confluence 5.5.2 and have the same issue:

    The QRcode contains the selected users information, but on the side, the data of the user loved in is shown.

    The only may be involved plug in is "User Profiles for Confluence" from Communardo; thats the only one beside the default ones.

  4. Micha Kops repo owner

    @greinick The "User Profiles for Confluence" plugin from Communardo does a complete rewrite of the user-profile view to allow the display of additional information e.g. from an LDAP directory so I'd bet that this is error source. Could you please run the following steps to verify this:

    • Open the qr code tab with incorrect mapped user
    • Open the plugin administration (UPM) in another tab, disable the User Profiles Plugin
    • Refresh (+clear cache) the qr code tab and test if the qr code now displays the correct user
  5. Micha Kops repo owner

    @Daniel Samuels @greinick I'm sorry that it took me so long to see that I had overseen a detail in your error report. I'm now able to reproduce the problem, I've fixed it and I'm going to release it as a hotfix with release 1.3.1 in an hour.

    Please feel free to test if the error still occurs and I'm sorry for having wasted some of your time. I'll be reading more carefully the next time, promise! :)

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