Spring Boot OAuth 2 Examples

Examples how to set up an OAuth2 identity server and resource provider within a few minutes using Spring Boot and Maven.

Please feel free to take a look at my blog for the full tutorial.

Running the Identity Server

Using Maven

cd identity-server && mvn spring-boot:run

Running the Resource Provider

Using Maven

cd resource-provider && mvn spring-boot:run

Requesting a Token

Using Curl

   curl -XPOST -k -vi foo:foosecret@localhost:9000/hascode/oauth/token \
   -d grant_type=password -d client_id=foo -d client_secret=abc123 \
   -d redirect_uri= -d username=bar -d password=barsecret

Accessing the secured Resource

   TOKEN = 'xxxxxxx'
   curl -vi -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" http://localhost:9001/resource/

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