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forgot to commit additional modifications

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-                            com.atlassian.upm.api.license;version="2.0",
-                            com.atlassian.upm.api.license.entity;version="2.0",
-                            com.atlassian.upm.api.util;version="2.0",
-                  ;version="2.0"
+                            com.atlassian.upm.api.license;version="2.0.1",
+                            com.atlassian.upm.api.license.entity;version="2.0.1",
+                            com.atlassian.upm.api.util;version="2.0.1",
+                  ;version="2.0.1"
+                <!-- Include the Plugin License Storage artifact such that it can be found on the classpath when we need to install it -->
+                <artifactId>maven-dependency-plugin</artifactId>
+                <executions>
+                    <execution>
+                        <id>copy-storage-plugin</id>
+                        <phase>process-resources</phase>
+                        <goals>
+                            <goal>copy-dependencies</goal>
+                        </goals>
+                        <configuration>
+                            <outputDirectory>${}</outputDirectory>
+                            <includeArtifactIds>plugin-license-storage-plugin</includeArtifactIds>
+                            <stripVersion>true</stripVersion>
+                        </configuration>
+                    </execution>
+                </executions>
+            </plugin>
+            <plugin>
-        <jira.version>5.0-rc2</jira.version>
-        <upm.license.compatibility.version>2.1-m3</upm.license.compatibility.version>
+        <jira.version>5.0-rc3</jira.version>
+        <upm.license.compatibility.version>2.1-m5</upm.license.compatibility.version>
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