cboos  committed 2dc0207

[svn-9477] Ticket: make the `comment` parameter optional in `Ticket.save_changes`

Patch by Felix Schwarz on #9217.

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File trac/ticket/

-    def save_changes(self, author, comment, when=None, db=None, cnum=''):
+    def save_changes(self, author, comment=None, when=None, db=None, cnum=''):
         Store ticket changes in the database. The ticket must already exist in
         the database.  Returns False if there were no changes to save, True

File trac/ticket/tests/

         self.assertEqual(, ticket_id)
+    def test_can_save_ticket_without_explicit_comment(self):
+        ticket = Ticket(self.env)
+        ticket.insert()
+        ticket['summary'] = 'another summary'
+        ticket.save_changes('foo')
+        changes = ticket.get_changelog()
+        comment_change = [c for c in changes if c[2] == 'comment'][0]
+        self.assertEqual('1', comment_change[3])
+        self.assertEqual('', comment_change[4])
     def test_ticket_default_values(self):
         Verify that a ticket uses default values specified in the configuration