Victor Stinner


Misc Python/shell/... scripts, small programs, etc.


python-ptrace is a debugger using ptrace (Linux, BSD and Darwin system call to trace processes) written in Python.


Fusil the fuzzer is a Python library used to write fuzzing programs. It helps to start process with a prepared environment, start network client or server, and create mangled files. Fusil has many probes to detect program crash: watch process exit code, process stdout/syslog for text patterns, session duration, cpu usage, etc.


Hachoir is a Python library that allows to view and edit a binary stream field by field. In other words, Hachoir allows you to "browse" any binary stream just like you browse directories and files. A file is split in a tree of fields, where the smallest field is just one bit.


Hasard is a pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) library. It includes multiple

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