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indicate the reason why the code was removed

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     def info(self, message):
-    def log_node_removal(self, node):
+    def log_node_removal(self, node, reason=None):
         if self.filename:
             filename = self.filename
         text = ast.dump(node)
         if len(text) > 100:
             text = text[:100] + "..."
+        if reason:
+            where += ' (%s)' % reason"Remove dead code at %s: %s" % (where, text))
     def warning(self, message):
         if truncate == len(node_list) - 1:
         for node in node_list[truncate+1:]:
-            self.log_node_removal(node)
+            self.log_node_removal(node, 'unreachable')
         del node_list[truncate+1:]
     def optimize_node_list(self, node_list):
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