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Add two scripts for coverage tests

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+Run the maximum of tests to have good coverage test.
+import os
+import imp
+def main():
+    home = os.getenv("HOME")
+    assert home
+    os.path.join(home, "testcase")
+    parser = imp.load_source("parser", "hachoir-parser/tests/")
+    parser.testRandom()
+    parser.testFiles(directory)
+    metadata = imp.load_source("metadata", "hachoir-metadata/")
+    metadata.testFiles(directory)
+#    core_doc = imp.load_source("parser", "hachoir-core/")
+#    print "CORE=================================="
+#    core_doc.testDoc("doc/hachoir-api.rst")
+#    core_doc.testModule("hachoir_core.bits")
+#    core_doc.testModule("hachoir_core.compatibility")
+#    core_doc.testModule("hachoir_core.text_handler")
+#    core_doc.importModule("")
+#    print "END CORE=================================="
+if __name__ == "__main__":
+    main()
+# Use Olivier Grisel "trace2html" tool to do coverage test
+# Create HTML report in coverage_report/ directory
+ -w hachoir_core -w hachoir_parser -w hachoir_metadata -o coverage_report --run-command
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