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Minor syntax bigfixes

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     # static_size should prime over _size, right?
     static_size = 8*608
-    def getTrackerVersion(val):
+    def getTrackerVersion(self, val):
         val = val.value
         return "ProTracker x%04X" % val


         if parser is not None:
             if parser.__class__ in self.parsers:
                 return parser
-            if self.use_fallback and parser.__class__ == fb:
-                return parser
         parser = self.doparse(stream, fallback)
         if parser is not None:
             stream._cached_parser = weakref.ref(parser)


         except LookupError:
             handler = None
         if not handler:
-            log.warning("OLE2: Unable to parse property of type %s" \
+            self.warning("OLE2: Unable to parse property of type %s" \
                 % self["type"].display)
             # raise ParserError(
         elif self["is_vector"].value: