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Issue #49 new

[warn] [<MovFile>] Extended size is not supported

Anonymous created an issue

I am using hachoir-parser to read the header info of quicktime files, this works on smaller files, but gives me an error on large HD Prores Quicktime files of about 120 GB. This is the error I receive:

[warn] [<MovFile>] Extended size is not supported

Unfortunately these large files are the ones I need to read the most.

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  1. Victor Stinner repo owner

    Which version are you using? Extended size is supported since this commit:

    changeset:   1285:67c811f36e35
    user:        Frédéric Yhuel <yhuelf@gmail.com>
    date:        Mon Aug 29 14:34:41 2011 +0200
    files:       hachoir-parser/hachoir_parser/video/mov.py
    Work on video/mov parser continued
    class MovieFragmentHeader, TrackFragmentRandomAccess and
    MovieFragmentRandomAccessOffset have been added.
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