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Issue #51 resolved

Hachoir-wx is unable to dump huge data

Lauri Korts-Pärn
created an issue

If size of field exceeds available memory, like it often can be with filesystem image, it is impossible to dump data to disk. trace:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/src/hachoir/hachoir-wx/hachoir_wx/field_view/field_menu_imp.py", line 52, in on_dump_to_disk
    save_substream_to_disk(self.selected, dump_path)
  File "/usr/src/hachoir/hachoir-wx/hachoir_wx/field_view/stubs.py", line 41, in save_substream_to_disk
  File "/usr/src/hachoir/hachoir-core/hachoir_core/stream/input.py", line 83, in read
    data = read(pos, size)
  File "/usr/src/hachoir/hachoir-core/hachoir_core/stream/input.py", line 71, in read
    shift, data, missing = self.stream.read(8 * address, 8 * size)
  File "/usr/src/hachoir/hachoir-core/hachoir_core/stream/input.py", line 456, in read
    return self.stream.read(self._offset + address, size)
  File "/usr/src/hachoir/hachoir-core/hachoir_core/stream/input.py", line 405, in read
    data = self._input.read(size)

Comments (2)

  1. Victor Stinner repo owner

    I'm not working on Hachoir anymore. I'm not sure that anyone else is working on it. So I just gave you the credentials on the project. You are now an administration of the project on Bitbucket.

    Recently on worked on Hachoir3, a port to Python 3 which has a much simpler file hierarchy (single Python module). But hachoir-wx & hachoir-gtk don't work anymore. hachoir-gtk should be ported to Python 3, and wxPython doesn't on Python 3 :-( I don't think that I will finish the work on Hachoir3. Ah, it also has a Sphinx documentation and better unit tests. Files required by unit tests are now in the repository. https://bitbucket.org/haypo/hachoir3

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