hachoir / test_code_snapshot.sh


# Script to test all Hachoir programs
# You can specify your testcase directory or your Python version with:
# PYTHON=python2.5 TESTCASE=~/testcase ./testall.sh

ROOT=$(cd $(dirname $0); pwd)
if [ "x$PYTHON" == "x" ]; then
if [ "x$TESTCASE" == "x" ]; then

echo "=== download and check testcase ==="
$PYTHON $ROOT/download_testcase.py $TESTCASE || exit $?

echo "=== hachoir-parser: testcase ==="
$PYTHON $ROOT/test_parser.py $TESTCASE || exit $?

echo "=== hachoir-metadata: testcase ==="
$PYTHON $ROOT/test_metadata.py $TESTCASE || exit $?
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