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What's new in hachoir-parser 0.10?

Major changes:

 * New parsers:
   * Microsoft Archive parser (.mar)
   * Microsoft Windows animated icon (.ani): based on RIFF file format
   * Microsoft's HTML Help (.chm)
   * Windows Shortcut (.lnk)
   * X11 Portable Compiled Font (pcf)
   * Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)
 * Convert many constants to Unicode
 * Set charset to ISO-8859-1 for many strings with no charset. Examples:
   filename in gzip, strings in ID3v1
 * MIME type is now in Unicode
 * Timestamp are stored as datetime.datetime() object
 * Add MAC48_Address and NIC24 parser
 * Add IEEE 24-bit Organizationally unique identifiers list


 * Disable QueryParser fallback feature
 * QueryParser accepts "class" tag
 * Split Parser in HachoirParser and Parser classes
 * OLE2:
   * Rewrite most of the code using SeekableFieldSet
   * Support FAT block chain
   * Able to parse fragmented streams
   * Add parser for component object and document summary
 * MKV: add method to convert date value to datetime.datetime() object
 * OGG: validate() checks magic string
 * Write PascalStringWin32 class
 * Add Win32 LANGUAGE_ID dictionary
 * Rewrite GUID class using RFC 4122:
   * Supports differents GUID format versions
   * Able to read timestamp
   * Able to read network address
 * AU: Codec 27 is 8 bits/sample
 * iTunesDB: support sort index type and playlist
 * BMP: move code to parse image data in a separated function, so code can be
   reused; fix magic regex (reserved may be not nul)
 * EXIF/TIFF: reject IFD entry with more than 300 values
 * MPEG audio:
   * Frame.isValid() also checks sync field
   * Add getNbChannel() method
   * findSyncrhonizeBits() uses stronger validation to avoid false positive
   * validate() checks first field name and not just if stream starts with
     bytes "ID3"
 * RIFF: text: truncate to nul byte and use ISO-8859-1 charset
 * JPEG: reject invalid component id or quantization index (instead of using a
   warning message)
 * JPEG: support all sort of start of scan (especially progressive jpeg)
 * JPEG: add magic string of JPEG starting with Adobe chunk
 * Photoshop metadata: add parser for version information
 * PNG: add method to get number of bits per pixel and use do not format
   timestamp value
 * PNG: support transparency color
 * TTF: Reject chunk with more than 300 names
 * EXE: Reject PE program with more than 50 sections
 * EXE resource:
   * PE_Resource now uses SeekableFieldSet
   * Parse file flags
   * Read file subtype (for driver or font)
   * Reject header with more than 300 entries
   * Stop parser at depth 5
   * Write version information parser for NE program

Minor changes:

 * GIF: replace image marker warning with a parser error
 * IPTC: use charset UTF-8 and not ISO-8859-15


 * CAB: validate() rejects file with more than 30 folders
 * AU: fix end padding size

Minor bugfixes:

 * CAB: fix misuse of seekBit()

What's new in hachoir-parser 0.9?

New parsers:



 * Add unique identifier and category to each parser
 * Use tags to choose the right parser
 * Create ParserList and QueryParser classes
 * Support magic string as regex ('magic_regex')

Improved parsers:

 * 7-zip: parse a lot of headers, just not start and signature headers
 * ZIP: support file without file size, support 64-bit structures
 * Ogg: support "video" chunk and add function to get last page

What's new in hachoir-parser 0.8.1?

New features:
 * Rewrite uses distutils by default (instead of setuptools),
   doesn't depend on hachoir-core
 * ICO parser: fixes to support cursors
 * Parser use new HACHOIR_ERRORS constant

 * gzip: fix magic string
 * XCF: remove useless exceptions
 * RIFF: fix fourcc handler (when fourcc is a string and not Unicode)
 * FAT: catch ValueError when using string index() method
 * ASF: don't create empty fields and validate() checks header minimum size
 * EXE: validate() checks size_mod_512 in MSDOS header, add method to compute
   content size of MSDOS executable (not PE)

What's new in hachoir-parser 0.8?

New parsers:
 * 7-zip archive
 * Aldus Placeable Metafile (APM), variant of WMF
 * Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF)
 * Audio Interchange File Format Compressed (AIFC)
 * Linux swap file
 * LucasArts Font
 * New Technology File System (NTFS)
 * Microsoft Enhanced Metafile (EMF)
 * Microsoft Windows Metafile (WMF)
 * Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) audio file parser
 * Real Audio (.ra)
 * Real Media (.rm)
 * Truevision Targa Graphic (TGA) picture

New features:
 * Add method to compute real content size
 * Add magic string to find file start
 * Add method to get file extension (file name suffix)
 * Add method to choose the best MIME type
 * Really better file validation, sometimes use arbitrary limits to detect
   invalid file. Examples: 50 MB for maximum SWF file size, 6000 pixels for
   maximum GIF picture width, etc.

 * Lazy decompression for bzip2 and gzip parsers
 * ZIP: add more MIME types and file extensions
 * EXE: better PE detection
 * Set constant name to upper case
 * Always use a tuple for common file extensions
 * Bitmap: add padding to pixels if needed, fix size of pixels field
 * Tcpdump: display ARP layer info (if any) and reject file if link
   type is unknown

What's new in hachoir-parser 0.7?

New parsers:
 * AMF metadata, used in Flash video
 * Flash animation (SWF)
 * Flash video (FLV)
 * Java class
 * Ogg/Vorbis (audio)
 * Ogg/Theora (video)
 * Reiser file system version 3

Important parser improvments:
 * bzip2 and gzip parser are able to decompress file
 * JPEG picture:

   * Parse quantization table and restart interval
   * Write stronger validate method

 * GIF picture: support image comment, graphic control and
   netscape 2.0 extension
 * ID3v1: support ID3 version 1.1 and 1.1b (track number and genre)
 * MPEG audio:

   * Better file validation (less false positive), don't allow padding
     between frames anymore
   * Fix computation of frame size: now works with MPEG version 2 and 2.5

 * RIFF: parse AVI and ODML headers
 * Tcpdump: add parser for Unicast (layer 2)

Other parser improvments:
 * Photoshop metadata: fix header, "reserved" is a string not four nul bytes
 * Bitmap: support version 4
 * PNG: add background color parser
 * Sun/NeXT audio: add more codec description
 * Matroska video container: add ISO 639-2 language names
 * EXT2 file system: use bits for file mode (instead of 16-bit integer)

Developer changes:
 * Split in three:, for
   hachoir-parser and for hachoir-metadata
 * Update for hachoir-core 0.7:

   * Use NullBits/NullBytes for nul padding
   * Rename _createDescription() to createDescription()
   * Rename _createValue() to createValue()

 * Create function parseStream() to parse a stream
 * Palette is now PaletteRGB and is based on UserVector class
 * New Parser class based on the simple Parser class from hachoir-core

What's new in hachoir-parser 0.6?

News of version 0.6.2:

 * Fix Microsoft Office parser: misuse of new array() function
 * Fix SECT.display attribute (convert integer to string)

News of version 0.6.1:

 * Fix EXIF parser: SubFile import was missing

News of version 0.6:

 * hachoir-parser is now a separated component so it's easier to release
   new versions and write small bugfix
 * New parsers:
   * 3DO model (by Cyril Zorin)
   * Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)
   * MPEG video
   * Spider-Man video (by Mike Melanson)
   * Tcpdump: Ethernet, IPv4, ARP, ICMP, TCP, UDP
   * TIFF image
   * ZSNES save (by Jason Gorski)
 * Better parsers:
   * MPEG audio: support padding between frames, better file validation, and
   guess if bit rate is constant (CBR) or variable (VBR)
   * Python PYC: rewritten from scratch, now support python 1.5 to 2.5
   * ID3v2: support picture in v2.3.0, safer charset code
 * Many small bugfixes in ID3, MPEG audio and other parsers

Since hachoir core 0.6 is able to "autofix" more bugs, hachoir-parser 0.6 is
even stronger.