hachoir / hachoir-tools /

from hachoir_core.cmd_line import unicodeFilename
from hachoir_parser import createParser, guessParser
from hachoir_parser.container.swf import SOUND_CODEC_MP3
from sys import stderr, exit, argv

class JpegExtractor:
    def __init__(self):
        self.jpg_index = 1
        self.snd_index = 1
        self.verbose = False

    def storeJPEG(self, content):
        name = "image-%03u.jpg" % self.jpg_index
        print "Write new image: %s" % name
        open(name, "w").write(content)
        self.jpg_index += 1

    def createNewSound(self):
        name = "sound-%03u.mp3" % self.snd_index
        print "Write new sound: %s" % name
        self.snd_index += 1
        return open(name, "w")

    def extractFormat2(self, field):
        if "jpeg_header" in field:
            header = field["jpeg_header"]
            if 32 < header.size:
                if self.verbose:
                    print "Use JPEG table: %s" % header.path
                header =, (header.size-16)//8)
                header = ""
            header = None
        content = field["image"].value
        if header:
            content = header + content[2:]
        if self.verbose:
            print "Extract JPEG from %s" % field.path

    def extractSound2(self, parser):
        header = None
        output = None
        for field in parser:
                header = field
                output = self.createNewSound()
                data = header["music_data"].value
                assert data[0] == '\xFF'
            elif"sound_blk") \
            and "music_data" in field:
                data = field["music_data"].value
                if data:
                    assert data[0] == '\xFF'

    def main(self):
        if len(argv) != 2:
            print >>stderr, "usage: %s document.swf" % argv[0]

        realname = argv[1]
        filename = unicodeFilename(realname)
        parser = createParser(filename, real_filename=realname)

        if parser["signature"].value == "CWS":
            deflate_swf = parser["compressed_data"].getSubIStream()
            parser = guessParser(deflate_swf)

        if "jpg_table/data" in parser:
            # JPEG pictures with common header
            jpeg_header = parser["jpg_table/data"].value[:-2]
            for field in parser.array("def_bits"):
                jpeg_content = field["image"].value[2:]
                if self.verbose:
                    print "Extract JPEG from %s" % field.path
                self.storeJPEG(jpeg_header + jpeg_content)

        # JPEG in format 2/3
        for field in parser.array("def_bits_jpeg2"):
        for field in parser.array("def_bits_jpeg3"):

        # Extract sound

        # Does it extract anything?
        if self.jpg_index == 1:
            print "No JPEG picture found."
        if self.snd_index == 1:
            print "No sound found."

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