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What's new in hachoir-metadata 1.3?

 * Create hachoir-metadata-qt: a graphical interface (Qt toolkit)
   to display files metadata
 * Create ISO9660 extractor
 * Hide Hachoir warnings by default (use --verbose to show them)
 * hachoir-metadata program: create --force-parser option to choose the parser

What's new in hachoir-metadata 1.2.1?

 * Using --raw, strings are not normalized (don't strip trailing space, new
   line, nul byte, etc.)
 * Extract much more informations from Microsoft Office documents (.doc, .xsl,
   .pps, etc.)
 * Improve OLE2 (Word) extractor
 * Fix ASF extractor for hachoir-parser 1.2.1

What's new in hachoir-metadata 1.2?

 * Create --maxlen option for hachoir-metadata program: --maxlen=0 disable
   the arbitrary string length limit
 * Create FLAC metadata extractor
 * Create hachoir_metadata.config, especially MAX_STR_LENGTH option
   (maximum string length)
 * GIF image may contains multiple comments

What's new in hachoir-metadata 1.1?

 * More extractors are more stable and fault tolerant
 * Create basic Gtk+ GUI: hachoir-metadata-gtk
 * Catch error on data conversion
 * Read width and height DPI for most image formats
 * JPEG (EXIF): read GPS informations
 * Each data item can has its own "setter"
 * Add more ID3 keys (TCOP, TDAT, TRDA, TORY, TIT1)
 * Create datetime filter supporting timezone
 * Add "meters", "pixels", "DPI" suffix for human display
 * Create SWF extractor
 * RIFF: read also informations from headers field, compute audio
   compression rate
 * MOV: read width and height
 * ASF: read album artist

What's new in hachoir-metadata 1.0?

Version 1.0.1

 * Only use hachoir_core.profiler with --profiler command line option
   so 'profiler' Python module is now optional
 * Set shebang to "#!/usr/bin/python"

Version 1.0

 * Real audio: read number of channel, bit rate, sample rate and
   compute compression rate
 * JPEG: Read user commment
 * Windows ANI: Read frame rate
 * Use Language from hachoir_core to store language from ID3 and MKV
 * OLE2 and FLV: Extractors are now fault tolerant

What's new in hachoir-metadata 0.10.0?

hachoir-metadata is now fault tolerant (like hachoir-core and hachoir-parser)!
It is also robust against fuzzing tests.

New supported formats:

 * Microsoft Archive (.mar)
 * Microsoft Office documents: Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), Powerpoint (.ppt)
 * X11 Portable Compiled Font (.pcf)
 * New-style Executable (Windows 16-bits program)

New features:

 * Make a distinction between the raw value and the formated value, so it's
   possible to reuse data. Eg. number of channel raw value is 2 (integer) and
   formated value is "stereo" (string)
 * Add plugin for Nautilus program (of Gnome project)
 * Add plugin for Konqueror program (of KDE project)
 * New API:
   * hasattr(meta, "key") => meta.has("key")
   * meta.key[0] => meta.get("key") or meta.getText("key")
 * "quality" argument to limit extraction complexity (quality=0 is
   the fastest extraction, quality=1.0 is the best but also the slowest)
 * Code is now fault tolerant: don't crash on error but just display error
   message and continue the extraction
 * creation_date and last_modification value type is datetime.date() or
   datetime.datetime() (and not a string)
 * duration type is datetime.timedelta(): precision is now microseconds
   and not milliseconds


 * track_number and track_total raw value type is an integer
 * MPEG audio: read music genre and language from ID3v2 and compute
   approximation of bit rate and duration of VBR MP3
 * JPEG: support progressive JPEG (all start of frame types)
 * JPEG (IPTC): Support creation date (keys 55 and 60)
 * Convert more strings to Unicode
 * Reject sample rate smalller than 1 kHz
 * MKV: don't read metadata tags ("SimpleTags") if quality<good
 * ASF: extract album title, track number and create date (year)
 * Archives: max number of processed files depends on quality argument
 * Compute compression rate of archive, audio and picture documents (when we
   have enough informations to do it)
 * Don't compute Ogg duration with quality < 0.5 (default)
 * PNG: Fix bits/pixel computation

What's new in hachoir-metadata 0.9.0?

 * Add extractors for EXE program, PSD picture, TTF font and Torrent file
 * Set limits to value to skip invalid metadata (eg. year in 1900..2030)
 * Ogg: compute duration and support "video" chunk
 * Add keys "track_total", "version"

What's new in hachoir-metadata 0.8.2?

New features:
 * Truncate very long string (more than 800 characters)
 * setup.py uses distutils by default (and not setuptools) and doesn't depend
   on hachoir-core nor hachoir-parser

 * AIFF: skip duration computation if rate is nul (to avoid division by zero)
 * XCF: catch KeyError on bits_per_pixel
 * JPEG (EXIF): only convert exposure to "1/%g" is value is a float
 * WAVE: rewrite extractor. Fix bit rate, fix duration computation, support
   wave with 6 channels and IEEE (32-bit float) codec
 * AVI: avoid division by zero in duration computation
 * Matroska: convert string to Unicode if needed

What's new in hachoir-metadata 0.8.1?

 * Fix --version command line option (rename module hachoir to hachoir_core)

What's new in hachoir-metadata 0.8?

New formats:
 * Aldus Placeable Metafile (APM) picture
 * Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF)
 * Audio Interchange File Format Compressed (AIFC)
 * Microsoft Enhanced Metafile (EMF) picture
 * Microsoft Windows Metafile (WMF) picture
 * Real audio
 * Real media
 * Targa picture

 * For string, strip spaces and then skip empty string
 * ICO: use 8 bits/pixel if bpp=0
 * JPEG: format version is "JFIF %u.%02u" (and not "JPEG %s.%s")
 * JPEG: don't compute JPEG quality if needed fields are missing
 * RIFF: compute duration of each stream since audio stream may be
   shorter than video stream

What's new in hachoir-metadata 0.7?

Important changes:
 * New extractors: Ogg/Vorbis and Ogg/Theora
 * JPEG: compute JPEG quality
 * Matroska: extract subtitle info, support multiple audio and video streams,
   read audio codec, read audio/video title and language
 * Audio: extract bits/sample for audio
 * GIF: read comments and pixel format
 * RIFF: able to use AVI header, support multiple audio streams
 * ID3: also extract creation date
 * IPTC: recognize more tags (author, country, title)
 * Add --parser-list and --profiler command line options

Small changes:
 * Strip spaces (space, tab, new line) for all strings
   keep the longer value
 * Remove duplicate string and also if you have "verlongtext" and "verylo",
 * Add warning when a tag is skipped (for ID3, etc.)
 * Support invalid unicode filenames
 * Fix all divison to avoid divison by zero
 * TAR and ZIP archives: only process first 5 files
 * EXIF: ignore image size if we already know the size since EXIF size is not
   updated when an image is resized
 * Bitmap: read format version

Developer changes:
 * Use array() to simply code
 * Convert raw string to unicode string using charset ISO-8859-1
 * Add get() method to Metadata class
 * Group name can be "name[]": replaced by name[0], name[1], ...