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hachoir-core 1.3 (2010-01-20)

 * Add more charsets to GenericString: CP874, WINDOWS-1250, WINDOWS-1251,
   WINDOWS-1254, WINDOWS-1255, WINDOWS-1256,WINDOWS-1257, WINDOWS-1258,
 * Fix initLocale(): return charset even if config.unicode_stdout is False
 * initLocale() leave sys.stdout and sys.stderr unchanged if the readline
   module is loaded: Hachoir can now be used correctly with ipython
 * HachoirError: replace "message" attribute by "text" to fix Python 2.6
   compatibility (message attribute is deprecated)
 * StaticFieldSet: fix Python 2.6 warning, object.__new__() takes one only
   argument (the class).
 * Fix GenericFieldSet.readMoreFields() result: don't count the number of
   added fields in a loop, use the number of fields before/after the operation
   using len()
 * GenericFieldSet.__iter__() supports iterable result for _fixFeedError() and
 * New seekable field set implementation in

hachoir-core 1.2.1 (2008-10)

 * Create configuration option "unicode_stdout" which avoid replacing
   stdout and stderr by objects supporting unicode string
 * Create TimedeltaWin64 file type
 * Support WINDOWS-1252 and WINDOWS-1253 charsets for GenericString
 * guessBytesCharset() now supports ISO-8859-7 (greek)
 * durationWin64() is now deprecated, use TimedeltaWin64 instead

hachoir-core 1.2 (2008-09)

 * Create Field.getFieldType(): describe a field type and gives some useful
   informations (eg. the charset for a string)
 * Create TimestampUnix64
 * GenericString: only guess the charset once; if the charset attribute
   if not set, guess it when it's asked by the user.

hachoir-core 1.1 (2008-04-01)

Main change: string values are always encoded as Unicode. Details:

 * Create guessBytesCharset() and guessStreamCharset()
 * GenericString.createValue() is now always Unicode: if charset is not
   specified, try to guess it. Otherwise, use default charset (ISO-8859-1)
 * RawBits: add createRawDisplay() to avoid slow down on huge fields
 * Fix SeekableFieldSet.current_size (use offset and not current_max_size)
 * GenericString: fix UTF-16-LE string with missing nul byte
 * Add __nonzero__() method to GenericTimestamp
 * All stream errors now inherit from StreamError (instead of HachoirError),
   and create  and OutputStreamError
 * humanDatetime(): strip microseconds by default (add optional argument to
   keep them)

hachoir-core 1.0 (2007-07-10)

Version 1.0.1 changelog:
 * Rename parser.tags to parser.PARSER_TAGS to be compatible
   with future hachoir-parser 1.0

Visible changes:
 * New field type: TimestampUUID60
 * SeekableFieldSet: fix __getitem__() method and implement __iter__()
   and __len__() methods, so it can now be used in hachoir-wx
 * String value is always Unicode, even on conversion error: use
 * OutputStream: add readBytes() method
 * Create Language class using ISO-639-2
 * Add hachoir_core.profiler module to run a profiler on a function
 * Add hachoir_core.timeout module to call a function with a timeout

Minor changes:
 * Fix many spelling mistakes
 * Dict: use iteritems() instead of items() for faster operations on
   huge dictionaries