hachoir / hachoir-parser / AUTHORS

 * Team

Julien Muchembled <jm AT jm10 DOT no-ip DOT com>
Victor Stinner aka haypo <victor DOT stinner AT haypocalc DOT com>

 * Contributors

Alexandre Boeglin <alex AT boeglin DOT org> - PIFV parser
Aurélien Jacobs <aurel AT gnuage DOT org> - AVI parser big contributor
Christophe Fergeau <teuf AT> - Improve iTunesDB parser
Christophe Gisquet <christophe.gisquet AT> - Write RAR parser
Cyril Zorin <cyril.zorin AT> - Author of 3DO parser
Frédéric Weisbecker <chantecode AT> - Author of ReiserFS parser
Gottfried Ganßauge <ganssauge AT gmx DOT de> - Fix Win32 curses issues
Jason Gorski <jgorski AT> - Author of zsnes parser
Mickaël Kenikssi <k DOT mickael AT gmail DOT com> - Write CDDA parser
Mike Melanson <mike AT> - Write RealMedia and SpiderMan video parser
Olivier SCHWAB <le.poulpe303 AT> - Write 7-zip parser
Robert Xiao aka nneonneo <nneonneo AT> - improve LNK parser
Romain Hérault <romain DOT herault AT gmail DOT com> - Author of iTunesDB parser
Sebastien Ponce <sebastien.ponce AT> - ActionScript (for SWF) parser
Thomas de Grenier de Latour aka TGL <degrenier AT easyconnect DOT fr> - Java class parser

 * Packagers

(same then hachoir-core packagers, see AUTHORS file from hachoir-core)
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