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What's new in hachoir-core 1.2.2?

 * Add more charsets to GenericString: CP874, WINDOWS-1250, WINDOWS-1251,
   WINDOWS-1254, WINDOWS-1255, WINDOWS-1256,WINDOWS-1257, WINDOWS-1258,

What's new in hachoir-core 1.2.1?

 * Create configuration option "unicode_stdout" which avoid replacing
   stdout and stderr by objects supporting unicode string
 * Create TimedeltaWin64 file type
 * Support WINDOWS-1252 and WINDOWS-1253 charsets for GenericString
 * guessBytesCharset() now supports ISO-8859-7 (greek)
 * durationWin64() is now deprecated, use TimedeltaWin64 instead

What's new in hachoir-core 1.2?

 * Create Field.getFieldType(): describe a field type and gives some useful
   informations (eg. the charset for a string)
 * Create TimestampUnix64
 * GenericString: only guess the charset once; if the charset attribute
   if not set, guess it when it's asked by the user.

What's new in hachoir-core 1.1?

Main change: string values are always encoded as Unicode. Details:

 * Create guessBytesCharset() and guessStreamCharset()
 * GenericString.createValue() is now always Unicode: if charset is not
   specified, try to guess it. Otherwise, use default charset (ISO-8859-1)
 * RawBits: add createRawDisplay() to avoid slow down on huge fields
 * Fix SeekableFieldSet.current_size (use offset and not current_max_size)
 * GenericString: fix UTF-16-LE string with missing nul byte
 * Add __nonzero__() method to GenericTimestamp
 * All stream errors now inherit from StreamError (instead of HachoirError),
   and create  and OutputStreamError
 * humanDatetime(): strip microseconds by default (add optional argument to
   keep them)

What's new in hachoir-core 1.0?

Version 1.0.1 changelog:
 * Rename parser.tags to parser.PARSER_TAGS to be compatible
   with future hachoir-parser 1.0

Visible changes:
 * New field type: TimestampUUID60
 * SeekableFieldSet: fix __getitem__() method and implement __iter__()
   and __len__() methods, so it can now be used in hachoir-wx
 * String value is always Unicode, even on conversion error: use
 * OutputStream: add readBytes() method
 * Create Language class using ISO-639-2
 * Add hachoir_core.profiler module to run a profiler on a function
 * Add hachoir_core.timeout module to call a function with a timeout

Minor changes:
 * Fix many spelling mistakes
 * Dict: use iteritems() instead of items() for faster operations on
   huge dictionaries

What's new in hachoir-core 0.9?

Major changes:

 * String value is ALWAYS unicode, even on charset conversion:
   use charset ISO-8859-1 on error
 * Remove text_handler argument to bit and integer fields:
   use textHandler() instead
 * Field.raw_display attribute creation is now fault tolerant and use cache
 * SeekableFieldSet class is near complete and more stable
 * GenericFieldSet: use a lock to avoid field creation recursion
 * Add function limitedMemory() to call another function with a memory limit
 * Add functions durationWin64(), timestampUUID60() and timedelta2seconds()
 * Add "class" argument to SubFile constructor: specify a parser class


 * String classes: add truncate argument to constructor
 * Rewrite humanDuration() which now accepts float and datetime.timedelta()
 * BasicFieldSet: only use static_size if size is None (in constructor)
 * Bit.raw_display is now "0" or "1" (and not "True" or "False")
 * Float80.createValue() raises ValueError on overflow
 * humanUnixAttributes() returns unicode string
 * ISO 639: convert data to Unicode
 * Field uses parent.nextFieldAddress() to get address and
   parent.getFieldIndex() to know its index (to be compatible with
 * SeekableFieldSet: constructor use size argument
 * SeekableFieldSet: add getField(), _getField(), __getitem()__,
   current_size and size attributes
 * SeekableFieldSet: seekBit()/seekByte() checks address and field
   creation check bigger limit (address+size)
 * String: support "CP037" charset

Bug fixes:

 * GenericFieldSet: _addField() raise an ParserError if field type is invalid
   instead of an assertion
 * SeekableFieldSet: fix seekBit(), getFieldByAddress() and done attribute
 * GenericFieldSet: _fixFieldSize() doesn't display warning if the field is
   not deleted
 * Fix createOrphanField(): always restore old field set address
 * Fix Field._getDisplay(), cache wasn't used
 * RawBytes: create method _createDisplay() to use classic prototype for
   createDisplay() method (no extra argument)
 * Fix RawBytes._createDisplay() when string is truncated

What's new in hachoir-core 0.8?

New features:

 * Field value and display attributes are fault tolerant
 * New types:
   * Int24 and UInt24: signed/unsigned 24-bit integer ;
   * Float80: 80-bit floating point number ;
   * TimestampMSDOS32: 32-bit MS-DOS, since January 1st 1980 ;
   * TimestampUnix32: 32-bit UNIX, seconds since January 1st 1970 ;
   * TimestampMac32: 32-bit Mac, seconds since January 1st 1904 ;
   * TimestampWin64: 64-bit Windows, nanoseconds since January 1st 1600.
 * Function createOrphanField(): allow to create a field at any address
 * String: add "MacRoman" charset, and rename "UTF-16LE" to "UTF-16-LE"
   (and UTF-16BE to UTF-16-BE) for IronPython compatibility
 * Write functions timestampUNIX(), timestampMac32(), timestampWin64(),
   and humanDatetime() for IronPython compatibility. Functions use UTC and
   not local timezone
 * Add methods getSubIStream() and setSubIStream() to Field class

Other changes:

 * Split GenericFieldSet into BasicFieldSet and GenericFieldSet, and create
   SeekableFieldSet (not working yet) class
 * Remove EncodedField (replaced by SubFile).
 * Move hachoir_core.editor to new subproject hachoir_editor
 * Use ASCII and not ISO-8859-1 charset for raw display
 * Field class inherits from Logger to have info(), warning() and error() methods

What's new in hachoir-core 0.7.2?

New features:
 * Fault tolerant: create HACHOIR_ERRORS constant, a list of minor errors that
   can be ignored. This list is used in try/except to catch errors when
   creating field description or new field.
 * only uses setuptools when it's asked
 * GenericString: add truncate optional argument
 * hexadecimal() text handler now accepts field of any size:
   align size to 4 bits

 * HachoirError: use makePrintable() to convert string to Unicode (when needed)
 * GenericInteger: raise error when field size is bigger than 256 bits
 * Fix humanDuration() for duration bigger than one year
 * Remove unused function align_nearest()

What's new in hachoir-core 0.7.1?

 * New field type Float80 (80-bit flotting point number)
 * New field type CompressedField (for compressed content)
 * Create utility function createDict()
 * Remove (old and unused) unit tests

What's new in hachoir-core 0.7?

Important changes:

 * Rename the component "hachoir" to "hachoir-core"
 * Editor supports Float32, Float64 and Character types
 * Floats are now field set: it's possible
   to read sign, exponent and mantissa
 * New type EncodedFile to parse "encoded" subfile:
   compressed, encrypted, encoded in base64, etc.
 * New types GenericVector and UserVector to parse vectors
 * Raw display is now closer to hexadecimal reprensentation for many types
 * Rewrite documentation (hachoir-api.txt)
 * Parser: don't have mime_type or tags attributes anymore
 * Cleanup some Field methods: getOriginalDisplay() becomes raw_display
   property, methods _createValue() and _createDescription() become public,
 * FileInputStream() and FileOutputStream() now have optional "real_filename"
   to accept invalid unicode filename

Minor changes:

 * Add __repr__() and __unicode__() methods to Field
 * Use cache for array() method
 * New types Int24 and UInt24
 * Field value is now read-only
 * FieldSet.seekBit()/seekByte() has null optional argument to create
   nul padding
 * createPaddingField() raise an exception on invalid size
   instead of using assertion
 * str2hex() always returns Unicode string
 * Remove file (moved to hachoir-console component)


 * Use fstat() to get input size instead of seek()+tell() since unusual
   files on /proc on Linux returns invalid size
 * GenericString: fix UnixLine, fix UTF-16 with BOM,
   remove ISO-8859-12 charset (doesn't exist)
 * Catch seek() error in InputStream and raise InputStreamError()
 * Fix _fixFieldSize() method for field set with nul size
 * Fix UnicodeStdout on 8-bit terminal (eg. MS-Dos terminal on Windows)
 * Fix makePrintable(): quote quote character if needed

what's new in hachoir 0.6.1?


 * Fix GenericString length attribute: wasn't initialized for UTF-* strings
 * Fix and improve FakeArray (created with fieldset.array("name"))


 * Add text_handler optional argument to Bits and RawBits
 * On name duplicate error (a field was same name already exists), add "[]"
   to its name instead and display an error raising an exception

Minor changes:

 * Add class documentation to all types (PaddingBits, Float32, ...)
 * Fix reversed() code and __all__ constant in hachoir.compatibility
 * Add available_types variable to hachoir.field (used by hachoir-wx)

What's new in Hachoir 0.6?

First of all, Hachoir project is split in backend: hachoir-core and
hachoir-parser, and in frontends: hachoir-console, hachoir-urwid,
hachoir-metadata, etc. Changes listed here are only about hachoir-core.

 * Hachoir is able to edit a file: edit field value, delete field, insert
   new field
 * Support of piped input: use small data cache and try to do the most
   without knowing stream size
 * Better autofix feature to be able to open invalid / truncated files
 * Support charset UTF-16 (and UTF-32) for strings
 * Use Unicode strings everywhere (but only for text, not for binary data)
 * Use gettext to translate messages => but disabled by default since is not able to compile .po file to .mo...

Changes for developers:

 * Add new field types: NullBits, NullBytes and SubFile
 * Create array() method for field set: self["name[%u]" % index] is now
   the same then self.array("name")[index]