hachoir / benchmark.sh


if [ "x$PYTHON" = "x" ]; then
   PYTHON=`which python2.4`
ROOT=$(cd `dirname $0`; pwd)
export PYTHONPATH=$ROOT/hachoir-core:$ROOT/hachoir-parser:$ROOT/hachoir-metadata:$PYTHONPATH

function prepare_benchmark
    echo "=== $1 ==="

HACHOIR_VERSION=`$PYTHON $ROOT/hachoir-core/get_version.py`
PYTHON_VERSION=`$PYTHON -c 'from sys import version; print version.split("\n")[0].split("(")[0].strip()' 2>&1`
echo "Benchmark Hachoir version $HACHOIR_VERSION on Python $PYTHON_VERSION"

prepare_benchmark "hachoir-grep: yellowcase"
$PYTHON -OO $ROOT/hachoir-tools/hachoir-grep --bench --all $TESTCASE/yellowdude.3ds

prepare_benchmark "hachoir-metadata: set A (mp3, wav, png, au, mkv)"
(cd $TESTCASE; $PYTHON -OO $ROOT/hachoir-metadata/hachoir-metadata \
    --bench --quiet \
    sheep_on_drugs.mp3 KDE_Click.wav logo-Kubuntu.png \
    audio_8khz_8bit_ulaw_4s39.au flashmob.mkv 10min.mkv)
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