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The hachoir.desktop file goes in:

The hachoir-metadata-kde goes in:
(or anywhere in the PATH)


When right-clicking on any file in konqueror, produces a "hachoir metadata"
entry under "Actions" menu.  This produces a pop-up which displays the file's



   Exec=kdialog --passivepopup "`hachoir-metadata %F`" 30 --title "%N" --caption "%c"


   Exec=echo " " > /tmp/hachoir.tmp || exit; hachoir-metadata-kde %F > /tmp/hachoir.tmp; kdialog --textbox /tmp/hachoir.tmp 500 600 --title "%N" --caption "%c"; unlink /tmp/hachoir.tmp

for a real kdialog pop-up

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