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Add MANIFEST.in file

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  * Rename strace.py option --socketcall to --socket, and fix this option for
    FreeBSD and Linux/64 bits
+ * Add MANIFEST.in: include all files in source distribution (tests, cptrace
+   module, ...)
+ * Prepare Python 3 support
 python-ptrace 0.6.2 (2009-11-09)


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+include AUTHORS
+include COPYING
+include ChangeLog
+include INSTALL
+include MANIFEST.in
+include README.cptrace
+include TODO
+include conv_python3.0.sh
+include cptrace/Makefile
+include cptrace/cptrace.c
+include cptrace/version.py
+include doc/*.rst
+include examples/itrace.py
+include examples/simple_dbg.py
+include pyflakes.sh
+include python3.0.patch
+include setup_cptrace.py
+include test_doc.py
+include tests/crash/*.c