Victor Stinner avatar Victor Stinner committed be1da66

Fix issue #5: fix os_tools.RUNNING_LINUX, support sys.platform == 'linux3'

Fix for Python 2.6.8 running on Linux kernel 3.x

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 RUNNING_PYTHON3 = version_info[0] == 3
 RUNNING_PYPY = ("pypy" in version.lower())
 RUNNING_WINDOWS = (platform == 'win32')
-RUNNING_LINUX = (platform == 'linux2')
+RUNNING_LINUX = platform.startswith('linux')
 RUNNING_FREEBSD = (platform.startswith('freebsd')
                    or platform.startswith('gnukfreebsd'))
 RUNNING_OPENBSD = platform.startswith('openbsd')
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