python-ptrace / README

python-ptrace is a Python binding of ptrace library.

The binding works on:

 * Linux version 2.6.20 on i386, x86_64, PPC (may works on Linux 2.4.x
   and 2.6.x)
 * Linux version 2.4 on PPC
 * FreeBSD version 7.0RC1 on i386 (may works on FreeBSD 5.x/6.x)
 * OpenBSD version 4.2 on i386


 * High level Python object API : !PtraceDebugger and !PtraceProcess
 * Able to control multiple processes: catch fork events on Linux
 * Read/write bytes to arbitrary address: take care of memory alignment and
   split bytes to cpu word
 * Execution step by step using ptrace_singlestep() or hardware interruption 3
 * Can use distorm ( disassembler
 * Dump registers, memory mappings, stack, etc.
 * Syscall tracer and parser (strace command)



Read INSTALL documentation file.


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