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Latest merge from FD trunk: May 1st, 2014

Estimated next merge from FD trunk: May, 2015

v0.3 (current)

  • Added the PO-PRP variant for solving contingent planning problems
  • Added a script to convert FOND domains to fault-tolerant domains
  • Improved the information output by the planner
  • Fixed a bug that prevented long argument lists (>= 10) from being parsed
  • Fixed a bug that rarely appeared (i.e., not in any of the existing FOND domains)
  • Changed how forall conditions are parsed so that an and clause is created in lieu of axioms
  • Added the option to run one final round of policy improvement with deadend detection disabled (useful when deadend detection prevents the closure of leaf nodes that have a weak plan and no strong cyclic plan)
  • Put in a method for testing changes to PRP through a simple A-B testing scheme (see here)
  • Fixed a bug with fault-tolerant script for actions with atomic preconditions
  • Fixed a bug with deadends being detected in the update policy phase but not in the JIC loop proper
  • Fixed a bug that caused a rare case of self-looping in the policy given the new "best effort" method of policy usage
  • Added the feature for compressing the solution prior to output (see --optimize-final-policy)
  • Added a lightweight parsing library to load PRP solutions for external use

v0.2: Cond-PRP & Bug Fix

  • Corresponds to this version
  • Added support for conditional effects
  • Added a validator script for PRP and Grendel
  • Added more export options for the final policy
  • Drastically improved the code and technique for strong cyclic detection
  • Fixed a bug that caused some deadends to cause crashes
  • Fixed a bug that reported some plans to be erroneously reported as strong cyclic

v0.1: Original Release

  • Corresponds roughly to this version
  • All the standard PRP stuff from the 2012 paper
  • Not recommended for usage, as a number of bugs have been fixed