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Planner for Relevant Policies

Welcome to the page for PRP -- a state-of-the-art Fully Observable Non-Deterministic (FOND) planner.

  • Usage: Information on the command-line options for PRP.
  • Changelog: A log of the changes PRP has gone through.
  • Script Usage: Information on the scripts included with PRP.
  • Comparing with PRP: Information on comparing with PRP.

Variants of PRP

  • Cond-PRP: PRP now supports conditional effects natively.
  • PO-PRP: Version capable of solving planning problems with partial observability and sensing.
  • MA-PRP: Version capable of solving first-person multi-agent planning problems.
  • Prob-PRP: Version capable of solving probabilistic planning problems (i.e., PPDDL).

Papers / Presentations

Disclaimer: PRP is going through some growing pains at the moment and the performance may be variable from day to day. If you want to use PRP in any published work, please consider contacting me for a version that is most appropriate. See also here for details on comparing with PRP.