imalse / INSTALL


Installation of NS3
We recommend you to install a revised version NS3 based on NS3.14.1. We add the
imalse module to this to deal with the packet manipulation. Run the following
command in the bash.

.. code-block:: bash
    tar -xzvf ns-allinone-3.14.1-with-imalse.tar.gz
    cd ns-allinone-3.14.1-with-imalse

It will check the dependencies first. be careful about the message of and
install the corresponding dependencies. Under Ubuntu 12.04, you can install the dependencies by typing

.. code-block:: bash

    sudo apt-get install g++ python-dev gccxml python-pygccxml python-pygraphviz python-pygoocanvas

After building the ns-allinone successfully. There is one more thing you need to
do. The ns3.14.1 has a bug in python binding of dsr, the most recently added
module. You need disable the import of dsr binding in

.. code-block:: bash

    cd ns-allinone-3.14.1-with-imalse/ns-3.14.1/build/bindings/python/
then comment the 

.. code-block:: python

    from ns.dsr import * 


Installation of Common Open Research Emulator
We use netns3 to vituralize the node in which requires common open research
emulator. Since netns3 has been integrated into imalse, you just need install

Refer to the following for installation of common open research emulator.

Download imalse

Then download the tarbar for the imalse

.. code-block:: bash

   wget -O imalse.tar.bz2
   tar -xvf imalse.tar.bz2

or you can use hg clone command in the previous section to get the lastest
version. The last thing you need to to is to change the ROOT and NS3_PATH in ROOT should be the directory of the imalse source code and NS#_PATH 
should be the directory for the NS3.