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A Django application that lets you associate Twitter accounts with your User accounts.

Features include:

  • Uses django.contrib.auth.User
  • Lets Twitter users sign in before registering.
  • Optional auto-creation of Users from Twitter screen-names
  • Lets Users link and unlink Twitter accounts.

Quick start

  1. Get a Twitter OAuth Client from


  3. Add django_oauth_twitter to settings.INSTALLED_APPS.

  4. Add django_oauth_twitter.context_processors.twitter_userinfo to settings.TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS.

  5. Add django_oauth_twitter.middleware.SessionMiddleware to settings.MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES after your AuthenticationMiddleware.

  6. Add the following to your

    from django_oauth_twitter.views import OAuthTwitter
    oauthtwitter = OAuthTwitter()
    urlpatterns += patterns('',
        (r'^twitter/', include(oauthtwitter.urls))
  7. Add a link to {% url twitter_signin %} from your settings.LOGIN_URL page. (See for some nice buttons.)

  8. Try it out!


Please submit all bugs and patches to:

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