djopenid / tags / protozoan / readme.txt

1. export files

$ hg close
$ cp -r djopenid/tags/protozoan ~/

2. run

hdknr@LennyOne:~/protozoan$ bin/

hdknr@LennyOne:~/protozoan/djopenid$ python syncdb

hdknr@LennyOne:~/protozoan/djopenid$ .run/
dubugging FCGI Django for Unix socket /home/hdknr/protozoan/run/djopenid.django.fastcgi.socket ....

hdknr@LennyOne:~$ sudo killall nginx

hdknr@LennyOne:~$ sudo vim /opt/nginx/conf/nginx.conf
            fastcgi_pass   unix:/home/hdknr/protozoan/run/djopenid.django.fastcgi.socket;

hdknr@LennyOne:~$ sudo chmod o+w /home/hdknr/protozoan/run/djopenid.django.fastcgi.socket
hdknr@LennyOne:~$ sudo /opt/nginx/sbin/nginx

3. register

1. Access http://hdknr.deb/accounts/register/ ( hdknr.deb is server name for djopenid ) to register.
2. Access http://hdknr.deb/accounts/activate/888305fb7b6643559ec898246c8c99e17e0197
  ( check email after registration ) to enable the account.

4. test

Use some OpenID RPs. Wordpress + OpenID Plugin is quite fine.
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