Webfarm Management

Web Farm Management


Web farm management utilities add basic functionality to support the following operations when hosting an application on a web farm:

  • Provides a load balancer health check that can be manually and programatically changed on a specific server for a specific application.
  • Provides a appliaction offline functionality which can put all the servers for a specific application offline simultaniously. This is very useful when sites need to go offline so support database schema changes.
  • Provides a module for keeping specific urls using SSL and all others using http. This helps with bandwith costs and keeps a consistent environment that can prevent ugly warning dialogs for images that are not ssl on a page that was never meant to be served via ssl
  • Provides a cache management page which allows specific entires in the Asp.Net api cache to be removed manually and programatically.
  • Provides a module which inserts a cache dependency for Asp.Net output cache. When this module is used with the cache management page, the management of cached content can be controlled on a string to support advanced deployment and content refresh scenarios.
  • Provides a version page which extracts the Assembly version from the main executing assembly. This is useful in an automated deployment where a deployment script needs to verify it has deployed the application correctly.
  • Provides a page that lists all the assemblies loaded in the application domain and their assembly/product versions.
  • Provides a page to override the forced ssl pages. This is useful when using an automated testing tool to run synthetic transactions / smoke tests against a web application to verify a deployment has worked correctly.


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