Steve Borho  committed b331d22

status: do not cache filechunks through a refresh

Seems obvious in retrospect. I noticed we get two refresh notifications
for the "Commit Preview" pane when it is selected during a refresh. Fortunately
the second call is cached and not crippling. It should be fixed later.

Closes #709

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File tortoisehg/hgtk/

         self.auto_check() # may check more files
-        # manually refresh partially selected files
         for i, row in enumerate(model):
             if row[FM_PARTIAL_SELECTED]:
+                # force refresh of partially selected files
                 self.update_hunk_model(i, self.filetree)
                 self.diffmodelfile = None
+            else:
+                # demand refresh of full or non selection
+                wfile = row[FM_PATH]
+                if wfile in self.filechunks:
+                    del self.filechunks[wfile]
         # recover selections
         firstrow = None