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playing with nav updates

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File eyeswebapp/core/

     (r'^ajax_monitor/(\w+)/$', 'ajax_monitor'),  # ajax view to invoke a monitor plugindirectly
     # test URLs
     (r'^visualtest/$', 'visual_test'),
-    (r'^monitor_list/$', 'monitor_list'),  # testing for new monitor...
     (r'^testmonitor/(\w+)/$', 'test_monitor'),  # trial a monitor - probably nuke...

File eyeswebapp/templates/base.html

 	<div data-role="page"> 
 	    {% block header %}<div data-role="header">
-          <h1>{% block pagetitle %}Eyes{% endblock %}</h1>
+          <h1>{% block pagetitle %}<a href="/" rel="external"> Eyes </a>{% endblock %}</h1>
 	      </div>{% endblock %}
 		<div data-role="content">
 			{% if error %}