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 def plugin_list(request):
+    """ returns an HTML list of the plugins from the built in Poller (NagiosPoller)"""
     nagios_based_poller = NagiosPoller()
     list_of_plugins = nagios_based_poller.plugin_list()
     return render_response(request, 'core/plugin_list.html', {'plugin_list': list_of_plugins})
 def test_monitor(request, plugin_name):
+    """ runs and returns the result of running help on a specific monitor plugin """
     nagios_based_poller = NagiosPoller()
     help_monitor_result = nagios_based_poller.plugin_help(plugin_name)
     return render_response(request, 'core/test_monitor.html',
 def ajax_monitor(request, plugin_name):
+    """ AJAX method that invokes a monitor and returns the MonitorResult object"""
     nagios_based_poller = NagiosPoller()
     # .plugin_help(plugin_name)
     # .run_plugin(plugin_name, argset)