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tweaks to work with the trunk version of eventlet

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File pyact/

 import uuid
 import weakref
-import simplejson
+    import simplejson as json
+except ImportError:
+    import json
+import eventlet
+from eventlet import hubs
+from eventlet import event
 from eventlet import api
-from eventlet import coros
 from import httplib
 from pyact import exc
 ## If set to true, an Actor will print out every exception, even if the parent
 ## handles the exception properly.
 class ActorError(RuntimeError):
         spawnable = Actor(spawnable)
     spawnable._args = (args, kw)
-    api.call_after_global(0, spawnable.switch)
+    eventlet.spawn_after(0, spawnable.switch)
     return spawnable.address
     spawnable._args = (args, kw)
-    api.call_after_global(0, spawnable.switch)
+    eventlet.spawn_after(0, spawnable.switch)
     return spawnable.address
         ## TODO: Copy message or come up with some way of "freezing" message
         ## so that actors do not share mutable state.
-        self._actor._cast(simplejson.dumps(message, default=handle_address))
+        self._actor._cast(json.dumps(message, default=handle_address))
     def call(self, method, message, timeout=None):
         """Send a message to the Actor this object addresses.
         parsed, conn = connect(self._address)
         ## TODO how to get the address of the local http server? This does not give fully
         ## qualified return addresses
-        conn.request('POST', parsed.path, simplejson.dumps(message, default=handle_address))
+        conn.request('POST', parsed.path, json.dumps(message, default=handle_address))
         resp = conn.getresponse()
     def kill(self):
     _mailbox = lazy_property('_p_mailbox', lambda self: [])
     _links = lazy_property('_p_links', lambda self: [])
     _exit_links = lazy_property('_p_exit_links', lambda self: [])
-    _exit_event = lazy_property('_p_exit_event', lambda self: coros.event())
+    _exit_event = lazy_property('_p_exit_event', lambda self: event.Event())
     address = lazy_property('_p_address', lambda self: Address(self),
         doc="""An Address is a reference to another Actor. See the Address
     actor_id = property(lambda self: self._actor_id)
     def __init__(self, run=None):
-        api.Greenlet.__init__(self, parent=api.get_hub().greenlet)
+        api.Greenlet.__init__(self, parent=hubs.get_hub().greenlet)
         if run is None:
             self._to_run = self.main
         if not patterns:
             if not self._mailbox:
                 self._waiting = True
-                api.get_hub().switch()
+                hubs.get_hub().switch()
             return {object: object}, self._mailbox.pop(0)
         while True:
                         return pattern, message
             self._waiting = True
-            api.get_hub().switch()
+            hubs.get_hub().switch()
     def add_link(self, address, trap_exit=True):
         """Link the Actor at the given Address to this Actor.
         Address uses this to insert a message into this Actor's mailbox.
-        self._mailbox.append(simplejson.loads(message, object_hook=generate_address))
+        self._mailbox.append(json.loads(message, object_hook=generate_address))
         if self._waiting:
-            api.call_after_global(0, self.switch)
+            eventlet.spawn_after(0, self.switch)
 class Server(Actor):