Marcin Kuzminski avatar Marcin Kuzminski committed 3d1dd13

invalidate the repo list also for online changes. Small fixes in LoginRequired decorator.
Cleaned hgwebdir config.

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 push_ssl = false
 allow_archive = gz zip bz2
 allow_push = *
-style = monoblue_custom
-pygments_style = trac
-staticurl = /hg_static/
 baseurl = /


     def __call__(self, func):
-'Checking login required')
+        user = session.get('hg_app_user', AuthUser())
+'Checking login required for %s', user.username)
         def _wrapper(*fargs, **fkwargs):
-            user = session.get('hg_app_user', AuthUser())
             if user.is_authenticated:
           'user %s is authenticated', user.username)


             """we know that some change was made to repositories and we should
             invalidate the cache to see the changes right away"""
             invalidate_cache('full_changelog', repo_name)
+            invalidate_cache('cached_repo_list')
             return app(environ, start_response)            
     def _make_app(self):


     return baseui
 def invalidate_cache(name, *args):
+    """Invalidates given name cache"""
     from beaker.cache import region_invalidate'INVALIDATING CACHE FOR %s', name)
-    """propaget our arguments to make sure invalidation works. First
+    """propagate our arguments to make sure invalidation works. First
     argument has to be the name of cached func name give to cache decorator
     without that the invalidation would not work"""
     tmp = [name]
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