Welcome to the THAPS project

This project consists of three parts:

  • PHP Scanner
  • PHP extension
  • Java GUI crawler


  • PHP >= 5.3.0
  • MongoDB >= 0.4
  • PHP MongoDB extension >= 1.2.10
  • libmongoc-legacy 0.8.1
  • libwebkitgtk >= 1.0-0
  • libpng12 >= 1.2.52

THAPS parts

PHP Scanner

The scanner is a standalone scanner written in PHP. Usage:

php Main.php

PHP extension

The PHP extension is written in C and can be compiled with:

make install

To clean up, simply put:


Java GUI crawler

The GUI is a crawler written in Java. We use a modified version of crawler4j, in order to receive HTTP headers and cookies. To compile:

ant -Darch=32 jar (for 32-bit)
ant -Darch=64 jar (for 64-bit)

Execute jar file:

java -jar thaps.jar

NB: Recently the SWT team moved from GTK2 to GTK3 as default setting. If the GUI won't show up, or an SWTError is thrown, consider disabling GTK3:

SWT_GTK3=0 java -jar thaps.jar

Putting it all together

The PHP extension should be enabled in the php.ini file. See the bundled php-thaps.ini file for guidance. The scanner and crawler uses a configuration.ini file, which is located in their respective folders. They should all point at the same MongoDB instance. The 'local.thaps' table should be created in MongoDB, where the configured user has read and write access.

Good luck! :-)