Graphical errors when moving speedcrunch window between monitors of different resolutions

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Former user created an issue

I am running speedcrunch 0.12 (Qr 5.6.2)

Here is what speedcrunch looks like on my 3000x2000 monitor if I open it on that monitor (firefox window for scale): normal

If I move the window to my 1920x1080 monitor: weird

If I adjust the width of the speedcrunch window by 1px, that fixes the vertical spacing of the results panel and then I can adjust the height of the window to make it usable but still off: fixed

Next, if I bring the window back to the 3000x2000 monitor it breaks again: back to main monitor

Again adjusting the width of the window even by 1px fixes the vertical spacing and if I resize the window, the window is back to the first picture.

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  1. Kai hicks

    I forgot to log in before creating this. If you need more information, I am the person who posted the issue.

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