Does not respect modern order of operations

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Issue #1058 duplicate
Former user created an issue

BODMAS not respected. Notice error on the last result of this input/output

(1+2) = 3

2(1+2) = 6

6/2(1+2) = 1

The correct result is only given if the multiplication operator is added explicitly, which shouldn't be necessary according to the calculator own parsing rules.

6/2*(1+2) = 9

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  1. Mario Figueiredo

    Why did you mark this as a duplicate of a resolved bug if the author just demonstrated this bug is NOT resolved?

    At the very least reopen #860. Otherwise this bug will continue falling down the cracks and SpeedCrunch will continue failing at basic algebra.

  2. Tey'

    The bug has been fixed in trunk already, you can try the development builds if you need the fix. There has been no new stable releases that contain the fix though (and will probably never be).

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