calculation error: arccos(1/8) not defined???

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version: SpeedCrunch 0.12 (Qt 5.9.2) OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

When trying to calculate arccos(1/8) or arccos(0.125) or arccos(0.124999) there occurs an error saying "not defined for argument" (I use the german version, so real phrase maybe different). Same happens for arccos(x) with values for x:

3/8, 2/8, 7/15, 7.2331/15, 7.2333/15, 7.2334/15, but not for 7.2332/15 and 0.12499 for example.

My Casio fx-85MS calculator does it without problems. And values are in range [-1, 1] and therefore should be defined.

Maybe a bug?


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