Text from editor sometimes dissapears

Issue #612 closed
Pol Welter created an issue

I've finally managed to find a reliable way to reproduce this bug.

  • Enter some stuff in the editor bar.
  • click somewhere inside the editor field and hold the button pressed
  • without releasing the mouse button, drag the cursor down (beyond the statusbar)

On my end the content of the editor will vanish. I cannot type new input either. Only by pressing ESC (and clearing it for good) can it be reset.

This bug is not present in the original .11 release, so either it's my Qt, or something got broken in the mean time. Please confirm.

For the record, I'm on Win7, with Qt 5.4 32-bit MinGW.

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  1. Helder Correia repo owner

    What's happening is that the editor is actually multi-line. What you're seeing is scrolling via selection. You are able to bring the text back by scrolling up. Not sure whether this may be a Qt bug. I'll see what I can do.

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