Non-decimal representation of exponentiation is not parsed correctly

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Issue #627 closed
Tey' created an issue

The math engine (float modules) supports exponentiation in non-decimal representations, and formats the results with it when it can't use a fixed representation. However, the evaluator is unable to understand that representation, so copying/pasting such results in the editor produces unexpected behavior.

For example, hex(1e100) results in 0x1,249AD2594C37CEB0B(+0d83) which is seen as an implicit multiplication by the evaluator if used in an expression (using ans work though).

To fix that, we can make the evaluator understand exponentiation for non-decimal bases (but we need to find another way to represent it so that it does not clash with implicit multiplications), or simply decide exponentiation for non-decimal results is an error (and return NaN or show an error).

This is a (very) minor bug though, as I doubt lots of users are interested in using exponents with non decimal forms.

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  1. Helder Correia repo owner

    @Teyut Feel free to remove the milestone tag if you don't plan to work on this anytime soon.

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