[REQ] Allow User Defined functions to have comments and also show what variables needs as input

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As the title says.
Actually, I can name the "variables" as I wish, which makes it easier to remember why I did the function in the first place, but I have to go and check on the user functions list and sometimes is hard to know what does what.
Instead, it would be nice that the input field, when you write the name of the function, also displays the variables it expects, something like:

function function (variable1, variable2)

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  1. Tey'

    It already shows a tooltip with the function arguments when Partial Results is enabled. But that should probably be unrelated to the partial results setting, as it serves another purpose.

    As for the comments, you can enter it at the end of the function by using the ? operator like that:

    test(x;y) = x * y - 2 ? this is a comment
  2. DW

    I have Partial Results enabled but the tooltip changes to “compile error” after typing the semi-colon. I also need to reference the User Functions list which is very cumbersome when I’m working with multiple variables.

    I also wanted to have comments but couldn’t find it in the documentation so I’m glad I came across this ticket.

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