Always on top not working

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Always on top not working since forever.

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  1. Sasa

    Just a note, always on top is working on every version but only when you open it by double clicking on the executable. If you run it thru shortcut it doesn’t work.

  2. Tey'

    I can't reproduce that on Windows 10 (1809) with SC 0.12 or latest build. No matter if I launch SC by double clicking on the executable or a shortcut to it, or single clicking on the Start Menu or Quick Launch item.

    Please, give a step by step procedure to reproduce that behavior as well as your Windows version (whatever the winver program shows).

  3. Serg L

    Does not work on windows 10 ltsc, no matter how it runs. I might start above other aps when I click shortcut, but does not stay on top.

    If I start it via soft key on my keyboard, it does not start on top at all..

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