Configurable order of operations

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David Geiser created an issue

I’m not sure if #860 actually is/was a bug and I think after the next release bug reports saying the opposite (i.e. “1/2 sqrt(3)” should be evaluated as “1/(2 sqrt(3))”) will be made.
The viral math problems of late (e.g. 8 : 2(2+2) = 16 or 1) are basically revolving around the question if implicit multiplication (some call it multiplication by juxtaposition) has higher precedence than normal multiplication or not.
The best discussion of this topic I found is this:

I think it would be great to have a configuration parameter to switch on/off the precedence of juxtaposition-multiplication over division.
Another feature on this topic would be to give an explicit representation of how the entered term was interpretet (i.e. add multiplications and parentheses).

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  1. Helder Correia repo owner

    1/2 sqrt(3) is absolutely interpreted as (1/2) sqrt(3) by SpeedCrunch. However, I like the idea of automatic parens insertion in the result box.

  2. David Geiser reporter

    1/2 sqrt(3) is absolutely interpreted as (1/2) sqrt(3) by SpeedCrunch

    I totally understand your position.
    I’m just saying that mathematicians and calculator manufacturers are divided on this issue and it might be nice to give users the option to choose what they like best.

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