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I've noticed Playtime adds allot of clicks and pops to the audio in my sessions,I Use quite a bit of fx (nebula) well producing/mixing and ive narrowed it down to that. The shitty part is even after im done using playtime, the clicks and pops are still present after rendering. It seems like a buffer issue that cant be fixed unless i manually change the settings. Ne ways it would be cool if this was implemented so when i use playtime i can just click on and when im not using it i can click off and the audio goes back to normal with the original settings. Thx!

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  1. Benjamin Klum repo owner

    Can you please make following test:

    1. Goto Playtime preferences and switch "Prevent anticipative FX" and "Prevent media buffering" to off
    2. Switch on "Media buffering" and "Anticipative FX" for each Playtime-controlled track

    Do the clicks and pops disappear then? If yes, can you tell which setting it is (anticipative FX or media buffering)? My guess is anticipative FX.

    If the clicks and pops disappear, the clean solution would be to leave "Prevent anticipative FX" and/or "Prevent media buffering" switched off. In that case, however, you might experience noticable delays when triggering clips. Nebula seems to be quite resource intensive and maybe not suitable for realtime use. Try to experiment with the anticipative FX settings in the REAPER preference.

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