Option to just 'Select Track' on slot record (rather than set it to 'Record: Input')

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Issue #121 resolved
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Hi Ben – congrats on a superb tool which I am really starting to use every day when composing in Reaper.

When setting up VSTi instrument tracks in Reaper I set them to ‘Automatic record-arm when track selected’. I do this so that I can use my midi controller to move up and down the tracks and the track will be ready to play/record as soon as selected.

Unfortunately Playtime messes with this workflow as it changes the track to ‘Record: Input’ as soon as Playtime slot record button is pressed, but doesn't revert it back to its previous state when the recording is complete. Another way to fix this would be to have a selectable option where Playtime just ‘selects’ the track rather than setting it to ‘Record: Input’ when recording into a slot. Hope something can be done All the best Jed

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  1. Billy Prosise

    Any updates on this issue? It would be infinitely helpful to be able to automate moving around the selected track.

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