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Issue #123 resolved
greg lostracco created an issue


I notice that playtime always arranges ALL items in the projects that are on tracks that have Free Item Positioning Mode enabled. I find this behaviour to be highly inconvienient for many reasons:

• often items are placed/arranged in a specific way, for reasons of organization

• even if items weren't changed on purpose, to have them be put in new spots, without specifically arranging them oneself can be highly confusing and make certain aspects "unrecgonizable"

• Often FIPM can be used to store variations of edits/arrangements, with alternate clips muted on the same track. These can be sometime be very complex. TO have that arrangement just get all jumbled up by playtime is pretty much a complete flow killer, disorganizing a critical organizational element .

Hopefully there is a way this can be disabled, as a user of FIPM a lot, this aspect of Playtime actually deters me from using it quite often

Cheers, greg

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